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Ganador: Jk13[-PI-], BUITRE[-PI-] Perdedor: adauthos[XoloS]

0 51

Jk13[-PI-] de DARACKPOLIS III vs Black Haw

1 138


Xolos vs [-PI-] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-] 204 Rounds

4 +1 256


Eco[-PI-] de Valley Forge, Jk13[-PI-] de Valley Forge, Mike Corleone[-PI-] de Marmol, Valley Forge vs Lord Serbian[XoloS] de XANGO.... GANA PI

0 53

Jk13[-PI-] de-DuRo PeCeS- vs [XoloS] ganan xolos

2 111


darkray[XoloS] , Lord Serbian[XoloS] , SOBREVIVIENTE[XoloS] vs Jk13[-PI-]

0 49

Jk13[-PI-] de -DuRo PeCeS- vs Lord Serbian[XoloS] , SOBREVIVIENTE[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 73

general tlaloc[-PI-] , Jk13[-PI-] vs Lord Serbian[XoloS]

0 68

Jk13[-PI-] vs hugochebe[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 85

Jk13[-PI-] vs shovi[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 103

Jk13[-PI-] vs agusRx[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 56

Jk13[-PI-] vs Spawn[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 56

Eco[-PI-] , Jk13[-PI-] vs javo420[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

0 79

G_A_F_E[-PI-] , Jk13[-PI-] , Eco[-PI-] , GAFE_Son[-PI-] vs Spawn[XoloS]

0 85

Joako[-PI-], Jk13[-PI-] vs the sentry[XoloS], Wenceslao[XoloS]

3 144


Jk13[-PI-] vs PinpazJnr[XoloS], darkray[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

3 128


Jk13[-PI-], GiBrY[-PI-] vs Black Hawk 117[XoloS] ( - 51,324 pts) (53 rounds) Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

2 171


Jk13[-PI-] , GiBrY[-PI-] vs olop[XoloS], neogenesis[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

2 136


Jk13[-PI-] vs neogenesis[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

1 79


Jk13[-PI-] vs neogenesis[XoloS] Gana -PeCeS dL InFiErNo- [-PI-]

1 84