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Fujitora[AZTK] vs alpha_kato-X-[HOF]//(2,648.2 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

3 +1 187

alan _

Grim Reaper[AZTK], Fujitora[AZTK] vs Iskander[HOF], Monsek[HOF]//(12,496.4 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

4 +1 365

alan _

Fujitora[AZTK], alan_[AZTK] vs Monsek[HOF], Saqueante[XEK]//(1,871.4 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

8 +1 344

alan _

jjuanmaz[HOF], Monsek[HOF] vs Fujitora[AZTK], Grim Reaper[AZTK]//(3,973.6 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

4 362

alan _

Fujitora[AZTK] vs Iskander[HOF], Monsek[HOF]//(3,413 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

3 +1 275

alan _

Fujitora[AZTK] vs Lotus Nic[HOF]//(7,429 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

3 178

alan _

Fujitora[AZTK] vs Roben[HOF]//(2,971.2 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

1 128

alan _

Fujitora[AZTK] vs Iskander[HOF], Monsek[HOF]//(3,947 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

3 +1 290


Lotus Nic[HOF] vs Fujitora[AZTK]//(25,217.4 GP)//**Gana HOF**

4 244


Fujitora[AZTK] vs jjuanmaz[HOF], Monsek[HOF]//(14,051 GP)//**Gana HOF**

4 +1 291


Fujitora[AZTK] vs Roben[HOF]//(1,200 GP)//**Gana AZTK**// INFINITY

3 +2 198


Fujitora[AZTK] vs Roben[HOF]//(2,280 GP)//**Gana AZTK**

1 141