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adauthos [XoloS] vs vitorio [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!!

0 72

adauthos [XoloS] vs jk13, Devokaka [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!

0 92

adauthos [XoloS] vs Jk13, Kenjiro [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!

0 86

Veronica Castro [XoloS] vs SOCIO [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!

0 66

Centauro, Black Hawk 117 [XoloS] vs kenjiro [-PI-] GANA XOLOS

3 +1 144

Ragnar Lodbrok

Dracula III [XoloS] vs jk13, Pitufo Ce_ [-PI-] (33,633.6 ptos) GANA XOLOS..!

2 259


Centauro [XoloS] vs Kenjiro [-PI-] GANA XOLOS!

2 +1 152

Dracula III

darkray, Lord Serbian, Sol [XoloS] VS [-PI-] Cherlot_Joms // 7,176.4 pts // GANA XoloS

5 +1 223


Dracula III [XoloS] vs uffff [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!

6 509


Cherlot_Joms [-PI-] vs Dracula III, darkray, Lord Serbian, asmer89 [XoloS] GANA XOLOS..!

1 192


Dracula III [XoloS] vs Pitufo_Ce [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!

1 130


Dracula III [XoloS] vs jk13, uffff, Pitufo Ce_ [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..!!

2 +1 512


Dracula III [XoloS] vs Pitufo Ce_, jk13, uffff [-PI-] (27,395.6 ptos)

2 182


Dracula III [XoloS] vs uffff [-PI-] GANA XOLOS..! Part 2.

0 150

Todo Theta se encuentra bien tras Desastres Naturales?

1 +1 175


Xoloitzcuintles [XoloS] declara la paz a DiabuluS gamma [I666l]

3 309